All Weather Concrete Raising
Mudjacking & Crack Repair

All Weather Concrete Raising

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1/3 the Cost of Replacing

All Weather Concrete Raising uses state-of-the-art techniques that guarantee to properly restore your driveways, walkways, and concrete slabs for years to come. Concrete leveling is a simple procedure that corrects your uneven concrete surfaces by repairing the foundation underneath.

This is all easily accomplished with advance equipment that pumps and pressurizes grout beneath your concrete; raising it to the perfect level, and filling all areas beneath to guarantee NO future problems. 

Concrete Settles Over Time

Your driveways, sidewalks, patios, and your garage floors are most often concrete and settle in the dirt and sand. A lot of the original concrete in Chicago is poured on an insufficient foundation or without steel reinforcement that adds to dirt and sand underneath expanding.

This back-and-forth contraction mixed with wet spells, the cold winter months, and dry seasons during the summer which cause cracking and uneven settlements of the concrete above.


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