What We Do

All Weather Concrete Raising provides professional raising and leveling of sunken concrete, anywhere in Chicagoland.

Our technique is called “Slabjacking”

Slabjacking ensures you won’t have to pay for expensive and time-consuming concrete slab replacement.

Repair, Don’t Replace

No messy tear outs, just quick and clean inspection, preparation, and precision slabjacking

Jack Up Uneven Slabs

We lift, set, and stabilize with a special pressurized mix of sand, cement, and fly ash

Increase Curb Appeal

Leveled driveways, pathways, and patios improve a property’s look and increase its value

Save Lots of Money

Slabjacking can cost 50% less than traditional concrete slab tear outs and replacements

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We’re the Midwest’s Premier Concrete Levelers

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Why Choose All Weather?

Whether it’s a single-family home, apartment building, or place of business, you’ll be guaranteed a fair price & warranty, clear communication throughout the project, and an on-site inspection from our owner and president, Paul Gember.